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Jessica & Noémie

Jessica Desbiens-Gagnon and Noémie Dumont-Lévesque are the founders of Källa Massotherapy. Both massage therapists by trade, they are intuitive, empathetic and attentive to your needs. The well being of their clients is their passion.

They know that every single person is different, with their own experiences and needs, and that is why they make sure to connect with their clients to deliver the best experience possible. You will be welcomed with the smile and empathy that you need, and treated with the respect and competence that you deserve.

Swedish Massage

The Swedish massage is a true versatile technique. There is not a real predetermined sequence of movements, which allows the therapist to adapt the session to your needs. Creating a relaxing experience allows to let go of muscle tensions, and the technique is also effective to treat specific problems. A massage that will help regain liberty of movement and muscle integrity.


Källa Massothérapie

629, Rue St-Jean​​

G1R 1P7

Tel: 1-581-300-9232


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